Great River Institute offers several audio CDs for purchase. 

The Nature of a More Conscious Awareness - $100.00

In this four CD set, Scott Walter, director of the Great River Institute, presents a seminar series on "The Nature of a More Conscious Awareness." This seminar addresses ways to recognize and adjust to a more consciouss awareness. Topics include finding value in condition, self awareness, awareness in the moment, awareness of purpose, and ways of adjusting within oneself and within various situations. 


Healing, Relaxation, and Sleep - $60.00

This CD is recommended for people who have difficulty sleeping due to chronic problems with pain. 


What Part of the Everything Are You Here to Share? - $75.00

In this 3 CD lecture/workshop Scott Walter, director of the Great River Institute, discusses and examines the parts we play in life, including our habits, emotions, ideas, dreams, interests, and relationships.


Chanting the Aum - $30.00

The AUM has long represented the sound of Universal Consciousness. For thousands of years, people from all around the world have practiced chanting the sacred sounds of the AUM. 

The sounds contained in these tracks have all been produced by natural voices. A special thanks fo the Great River Meditation Class for sharing their hearts and voices in the production of this recording. 


Great River Tshirts 

$20 each plus $5 shipping