About Great River

Founded in 1991, The Great River Institute is a center for teaching, learning, healing and research. The Institute is located on 52 acres northeast of Roanoke in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The facilities include private healing, counseling and classroom space, a reference library, martial arts dojo, music studio, and a full time residence. The grounds include gardens and nature trails, a camping area, mountain views and secluded spots to study and meditate.

Great River Institute focuses on helping individuals develop their potential, in their specific areas of interest, by providing both educational and professional services.

The programs of the Institute bring a structure to the curriculum, but they do not limit the learning possibilities. Programs are designed to engage students in their chosen areas of study with a strong emphasis on application. Personal, individualized training with applications designed specifically for each student is one of the unique features of the Institute.

Great River's professional services offer an open and comprehensive approach addressing the unique needs of each client.