The Institute's Study Programs are organized by areas of study. Many of our students participate in more than one area of study. The programs' curriculum has all been designed to develop the human potential. Over the years people from many vocations have participated in Great River's ongoing programs. Engineers, teachers, professors, yoga instructors, psychologists, riding instructors, architects, therapists, intuitives, business managers, salespeople, contractors, police officers, parents, college students, gardeners, musicians, composers, singers, artists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, tradesmen, writers, and chemists are just a sample of the diversity of the Institute's student body.

The Institute's programs are comprehensive. Students learn the theoretical as well as the applied understandings in each area of study. Each session and class is targeted to meet the individual's specific needs and learning. The studies offered at the Institute are structured around principles governing each area of study, and the principles are presented through theoretical and applied demonstration. It's the constant demonstration of how principles work in the moment that makes the Institute's programs so exciting. 

Great River offers an extensive study program. Some studies are available in group class settings and all are available for private one on one study. The Institute offers private sessions, on-going weekly classes, special weekend seminars, retreats and custom personalized study programs for individual needs and interests. Many students elect to meet privately on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis for a more concentated one on one experience.

For the long distance student, some weekly classes are accessible via teleconferencing. Students can also participate through online study and through private lessons by phone, email, and video skype.

Great River also offers Lecture and Seminar programs at your site or location. Sponsors can provide a host location in individual homes, Conference Centers, Healing Centers, Yoga Studios, Self Defense Schools, Music Schools, Corporate Businesses, Educational Settings and other organizations. 

Special interest subjects are also considered for students wishing to study privately or for sponsors wishing to organize a seminar.  

Many students come to Great River with particular needs and interests in mind. The Institute is designed to meet those needs with the goal of developing each student's potential in their specific area of interest. 

Feel free to view our comprehensive Topics of Study list.


The Institute is not a school of memorization; it is a school where you learn to better understand your area of interest.

The curriculum and subjects are open-ended and the learning is interactive and inspiring.